Entry Categories

To reflect and support the educational and progressive learning opportunities that Formula Student presents, there are 2 entry classes, designed to allow students to experience the total cycle of Research, Design, Manufacturing and Development of a complex engineering project. It should be noted, that teams new to the competition can enter in any class.

Class 1:
This is for a fully constructed and running vehicle (either a combustion engine or an alternative fuel) as defined by the FSAE rules and these additional regulations. Points are awarded for Design, Business Presentation, Cost and Sustainability, Acceleration, Skid Pad, Sprint ("Autocross" in FSAE rules), Endurance & Fuel Economy.

Class 2:
This class is for any team that wishes to enter a Class 1 vehicle design that is not yet a complete running car.  If the team wishes, this may include as many manufactured parts and systems as have been produced. Points are awarded for Design, Business Presentation and Cost and Sustainability. Whilst Class 2 is targeted at new teams in their first year of competition, Formula Student will welcome entries from Universities that are participating in Class 1 if they are using Class 2 to give less experienced team members an opportunity to develop.


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